Monday, April 14, 2008


I'm overdrawn and not sure how it happened... ok, I know how it 'happenend' - I spent money I didn't have - I'm just not sure where I messed up. The bank opened 10 minutes ago and I have a message into my person there... hopefully he can provide some guidance. What am I going to do today to make some money? I'm going to continue to price, clean and label things then get them downtown to sell... after I return from that I'll start all over again. I need to set aside some things to list on craigslist so I might be able to pick up some cash. I hate it when I screw myself and don't even enjoy it. Happy Monday to all.

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Madeline said...

I hate the entire notion of money and currency, and I work in a bank. It breaks my heart to have people come in, overwhelmed about something so trivial as money. Money is both tangible and intangible, yet we use this system to dictate what we can and cannot have (materialistically) and our levels of happiness (materialistically). Sometimes I wish I could be like the guy from the movie "Into the Wild" and burn all of my money, all of my credit cards, strip myself from my materialistic identity, and go live the way we are actually intended to. I know this sounds very naive and very nineteen of me, but oh well. I hope it all works out. Remember that you have family and friends and a wild little dog that love you, and in the long run, that is all that really matters.